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My Sexy Blonde Cousin Holly

My sexy blonde cousin Holly

By - Sep 14, 2004 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 25460 A first time sex story - This is my first entry about my lovely cousin and myself, I have not yet decided if this will be the only story or not.Holly is a beautiful blonde girl, with nice tits and a perfect ass, great face, and nice personality, overall a perfect female.She is 19 years old, just over a year older than me at 18. One day Holly and I go take a swim in the ocean, she has a nice little 2 piece orange bikini on, her breasts appear perfect, and her ass is so hot just barely being covered.I suddenly notice that her nipples are very stiff and she has pulled the bottom of her bikini very tight on her pussy so I can see her camel toe.Yet she pulls the top of the briefs lower on her body so as to expose as much as she feels is appropriate around our younger cousins ( at 5, 7 , and 9 years old) that we are watching over. She then decides to lay in the warm sand and tan, and stretches flat on her back first.I watch and notice she is gently rubbbing her pussy through her swimsuit.She looks at me and simply grins then rolls onto her stomach, her ass sticking up in the air.Then she takes off her top so her lovely breasts are covered in warm sand.I am paying more attention to her then the little ones so I call my aunt and tell her to drive to the beach access to pick them up. I go tell Holly I will be right back and not to start till I return.She replies "ok, if you hurry". I get the children to the street and into the car and my aunt say to me "so what are ya'll planning to do?" I say that we are planning to meet up with some of our friends from back in highschool and she says "ok" and then just asks what time will we get back?I respond by saying that we will probably be back around dinner time, since it is only about 1 pm now.I figure this should be plenty of time and I head back to the beach and find that we are truly the only people on the beach; all I can think about is the fun instore for me. Holly is now sunbathing nude and laying on her side, her perfect gash, and lovely tits start to give me a hard on.So she tells me to come and feel how hot she is.Her pussy feels so good, I start to finger her slowly but speed up to a pace that in about two minutes she is about to orgasm.So I stop and let her calm down a little bit, then I finger her again, but this time slower, her pussy looks so good, I'm drooling just at the sight of it.When she starts to come I hurriedly put my mouth on her gash, and take all of her juice into my mouth happily.God it's so great, she tastes so good so I eat her out to her second orgasm.I then start to lick between her pussy and her anal and back, and finger her with 2 fingers in the pussy and 1 in the ass.I love her perfect little pucker of an asshole. She starts to come and her body shakes with the force of her orgasm. I keep going doing the same thing until she comes again.Then I go back to her pussy.When she is close to another orgasm I slow my pace to tease her.Her hips push the nice little neatly trimmed gash and pubic hair sinto my face and I pull back .Finally I decide to relieve her torment and get her clit in my mouth, and flick it around with my tongue, then roll it in my lips.I finish with my mouth over her gash, flicking her clit with my tongue.She comes all in my mouth and I happily gulp down that gorgeous pussy juice. Holly then decides to return the favor and suck my raging hardon.She also says that she wants to have some fun, not have me bust right away.So she gently nibbles on my cock head, and flicks it with her tongue.She's got about half of it in her mouth and rolls her tongue around it, then comes the hardest part for her.She tilts her head back and slowly takes my 11 inches completley in her mouth and down the back of her throat. Holly is the first person I have found that can do that.Even my best friend's ex-girlfriend who back in high school loved taking three or four cocks at a time couldn't do this.But oh yes! it feels so good.I don't know if they teach that to her and her friends at college or not but damn she's good at it.I find it so hot to see the cousin I've wanted to fuck since the age of 12 gazing up at me while having my huge cock jammed into her mouth. She then starts to slide her head up and down the shaft, and every third time she deepthroats me. She can feel me grow even larger and knows that I'm about to cum so I let a little down her throat, and a large amount in her mouth which she readily swallows.But the best is her getting a huge facial, with one eye covered, and a little clinging to her hair.The cum dripps from her chin to her tits and now we were both ready for some real fun. I start to stuff her tight little hole with my cock, slowly so as not to hurt her and she spreads slowly.Then she lets out a little yelp, and it turns out she gives a lot of people head, but has never had a dick in her pussy.Holly tells me that she has always wanted to save her pussy and ass for me.I break her hymen and gently push in about 6 or 7 inches.I slowly fuck her, and after about 5 minutes she is suprisingly able to accomodate my whole rod.While I fuck her she orgasms twice, then as I climax she says "keep all that good goo in me, lets keep it all in the family!" I bust so hard, and right then she explodes with a tremendous orgasm. She starts to suck me hard and fast to get me back to full size so we can continue and in about 5 minutes I'm almost ready.I get out a small tube of lubricant and put a little on my cock and tell her to lube me up.She looks at me questioningly then realises what's in store for her tight little asshole.Although she's slightly waty I assur her it'll be fun and the more we do it the better it will feel for her. I push her to her knees and she gets in the doggystyle position for me to slowly insert it in her ass.She winces with pain and I suddenly slam my cock in as best as I can.I only get about 2 inches in so I do this about 4 times and she is completley impaled on my cock.I start to fuck her hard, and she screams in pain, yet even more with pleasure. She orgasms once whilst I fuck her, and I then slow my pace for a minute, before I slam in her harder than ever.Even after a blood curdling scream I keep going.She starts to cry and I notice a small amount of blood roll out of her ass round my bare huge cock. With the next slam she comes in violent waves then I thrust in about 3 more times before coming, I feel my explosion coming on, so I lay with my back in the sand.She sits up while still impaled and I lift her limp horny body as high as I can, buck my hips up hard, and slam her down so she screams again.I erupt like a volcano inside her, and she has a tremendous orgasm right before she collapses on me.She pulls out my dick, and a mixture of her blood and my cum drips down her leg. We fall asleep for about 60 minutes before waking to a seagull scream in our ears. Before we make to leave we fuck once in the ocean then head for home in my car. Later after dinner she tells me that she has saved herself for me and she has wanted me like I wanted her, since I was 12 and she 13.

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