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Sexy Property Queen

Sexy Property Queen

By George the Contractor - May 23, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 48548 You know how it is guys, you never expect to get lucky do you? but we keep on trying. Just flirting really, never know who might take you up on an offer to have some fun.I started by just calling her sexy, I knew she was married but that doesn't matter anymore, after all she was the one who found me one day when she was looking for a contractor. Now I do work on her properties while she does her work on me, and boy she knows how to do the job right.I remember staring at her ass the first time I saw her and then she approached me to talk about a job she had. I needed the work and why not, right. She’s easy to look at with blond hair, a nice rack, and that sweet round ass.Ever since then I just flirted calling her sexy. She always says yeah right but there’s a little grin to that face that let me know she had the same dirty thoughts I had. Now I just needed to figure out how to make things happen. So I just kept flirting. You know a little sweet talk, a thought or two. Sometimes telling her what other contractors that worked for her thought. How they loved her sexy ass and how they always tried to get a peek down her blouse. Whenever she came around we all tried to see how much cleavage she was showing or if she was wearing those hip hugger jeans that left the top of her ass hang out. We all looked to see if she was wearing a thong. It seemed like she wore a thong or nothing at all. More and more lately it seemed like the more I flirted the sexier her clothes got. She showed more of her tits and more of her ass. One time after she left, she had worn top that left her breast showing and her lace bra, and some real tight pants that clung to her ass and was so tight it seemed to part her pussy lips. No thong that day and just a great glimpse of her ass. After she left the one guy, a black guy, just went on and on about how he just wanted to squeeze that ass of hers and press his hard on against her crack until she begged to be fucked. Said he never saw a white chick with a black girls ass like that. All he wanted to do was bend her over the steps, slide his big black dick into her white pussy and fuck her until he makes a nice cream pie. Yeah just grab those hips and fuck her…. All he could do was smile and moan about it.Can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do just what he said, and how many times I jerked off thinking about my dick deep inside her. So I just kept flirting. When I called her sexy, when I tried to get her to stop by, I just flirted and kept the sexy bit up. Even telling her how a couple of the guys imagined what they would do to her. I told her about what Lenny had said and how be practically came right there just thinking about her. When she heard it, she got a little red but she also had that smile that let you know it turned her on, let you know she must have had some of the same dirty thoughts as well. She never complained about the flirting and she did her fair share as well so I kept it up and saw her get a little dirty in her talking as well. Finally something happened.She was going to meet me to give me some money and check on progress. When she got there she had on those jeans, you could see just enough of her crack to make a man hard. And then her top, her tits just jumped out at me. All I could do was stare and she caught me, caught me staring like she had many times but this time grinned and gave me that dirty little smile. With that smile, that dirty smile, she asked me if there was anything I needed. I just stared down at her tits and then down to the floor in front of me. She asked again and I just let her eyes follow mine from her face, to her tits, to the floor and my dick. She got down on her knees and said, I guess you want what they all want huh, a nice blow job and she undid my pants and pulled out my hard dick.She slid her tongue along my shaft, she squeezed my hard on, and she kept licking my dick. Finally she put her lips around the head of my dick and took me into her mouth. Her hand stroking my shaft and her mouth sucking the fuck out of my dick. She was good, real good. She took my dick into her mouth and sucked real hard, taking all of me into her mouth I could feel the back of her throat and her tongue on my dick. I just wanted to cum so badly but I did my best to wait and enjoy this. I just looked down watched her suck on me, watching her take me in and out of her mouth, she was fucking my dick with her mouth and then she pulled me out of her mouth and pressed my head against her lips, stroking my dick and pumping it, You can cum in my mouth, I want swallow your cum, let me suck you off. And she did, in and out, pumping my dick until I came. One spurt after another and it all disappeared down her throat. When I was done. She licked my dick clean. Got up from her knees, and smiled that grin. Handed me my check and left.I pulled up my pants and watched her out the window. She seemed to be sitting in her car for a long time and I wondered if she was sitting there playing with herself, getting herself off like she had gotten me off. I just hoped this wasn’t the only blow job I would get.The next time I saw her was a couple of days later and she acted like nothing had happened. Just told me what I needed to do and went on her merry way.It would be another week before I saw her again. I made arrangements to meet her to get paid. We met at the property and walked through to see what still needed to be done. She was wearing some type of stretch pants and I did not think she was wearing a bra. All I could do was stare. When we went up the steps I followed and she asked if I liked the view. I just laughed a little and kept following. When we started down the basement she turned and asked if there was anything I needed. I just smiled and looked down. Her mouth was already at the right height. She just looked up and undid my pants. She pulled my dick out and started to suck. All I did was watch. This time though when she would press the head of my dick on her lips, she pulled her pants down, she took my dick back into her mouth and I could see her other hand playing with herself. I could see her thong being stretched by her hand, and see it between the crack of her ass. Christ it was gorgeous and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to fuck her. I was wondering if her pussy was smooth of if she had a little hair on her mound to play with. She must have been close to coming cause she was moaning loudly while she sucked on me. You gonna cum for me? Fill my mouth up with cum? She took my dick back into her mouth and I came and so did she. She licked me clean getting every drop of cum she could. Sexy put her fingers deep inside her pussy and stuck them in my mouth. Pulled her pants up and left. Never said a word. She handed me my check and left.For a couple of weeks it was the same. She met me at the place I was working on when I was to be paid. Asked me if I needed anything and I got a blowjob and a check. And she never ever dribbled a drop of cum. Swallowed it all. About a month later Sexy asked me to check out a property for her. She had already looked at it and had her hubby look as well but she wanted my input. How much to fix it up and such is what she said. She asked if I could check it the next day since she wanted to know whether to bid on the property. I told her I could and she asked if I knew when I would be by. I told her around 4:00. That I would finish up working on her property for the day and then would stop by on my way home. They were only a couple of blocks apart so it was no big deal. Little did I know a surprise would be waiting for me.I got there close to 4:30. I used the code she gave me to get the key out of the lock box and open the place up. When I walked in the place looked in pretty good shape. I quickly went downstairs to check the basement and work my way around the house from bottom to top. I'd be working something else from bottom to top shortly but I didn't know that yet.As I started upstairs from the basement I thought I heard someone or something so I called out. There was no answer. I went back through the living room and stopped again. I thought I heard a faint moan, again I called out but no answer. So I started up the steps, about halfway up I looked up and saw her. She was laying on a blanket on the landing, her legs spread wide. All I could see was a black thong pulled to the side and her fingers playing inside her pussy. Then I heard that moan again and saw her take one finger from her pussy and put it into her mouth. I walked up a couple of more steps and she had some type of top on with her tits hanging out. I just about came right there in my pants. Laying down she couldn't quite see me, so she asked, Gary is that you? I hope so. I think there's something you can do for me today. I saw her rub some oil onto her tits and squeeze her nipples until they were nice and hard like my dick. Then she pressed a little vibe on her tits and moaned even louder. She took that little vibe and pressed it against her clit. Moaning and squirming around Sexy would put her fingers inside her pussy and play. Pressing the vibe against her clit and fingering herself, I heard her moans get real loud and then I saw a flood. Her pussy just squirted and squirted a lot of juice. Ummmm I think it is your turn to do something for me. She slid her thong off and threw it to me. She looked down at her pussy, then to my mouth. She laid her head back and kept playing with herself. I watched for another minute just having fun with the view of her pussy. com completely shaven, smooth, a nice deep pink inside, and you could see the juice running down her pussy lips. Gary? you still here? East my pussy, and make me cum. I sucked you off. I buried my head between her legs and sucked on those wet lips. She tasted good, real fucking good. And the more I sucked on her lips, the more I slid my tongue in and out of her hole, the hotter she got and the more she started to push against my face. She was grinding her pussy on my face and I was eating her pussy for all I was worth. I reached up with a hand and played with her tits. Squeezing her tits hard like she had and squeezing her nipples as well. She had a nice size rack. Not big or anything just enough to play with. I stopped for a minute to put one of her tits in my mouth but she pushed my head back down to her pussy. eat me Gary. And I did. I could feel her pressing harder against my face and then she placed that little vibe on her clit and she came all the fuck over my face. I thought i was going to drown there was so much juice. But I kept licking and sucking, eating her out, sucking on her lips playing with her clit and she came again. Wetter and wetter. Jesus my shirt was soaked from her juices. I could see her legs shake a little.Fuck me, bend me over and fuck me. Come on and fuck me. She got up and I turned her around bent her over and put her hands on the railing. i just fucking pushed my dick all the way inside her and fucked her as hard as I could. I banged and banged her little fucking pussy. She kept telling me harder. I grabbed those hips and pulled her into me. Fucking her like a dog and slamming my dick in and out of her. I could feel my balls banging against her. Jesus she was fucking wet and liked it hard. She was pushing back hard onto me begging me to fuck her even harder. She took her hands off the banister and stood up a little to press her ass into me even harder. She bent back over and spread her cheeks. I thought she was going to have me fuck her ass as well but she just smacked her own ass and then I smacked it. I grabbed her hips even harder and slammed into her as hard as I could. Then I took my hand and smacked that ass. I big red mark, smacked again and another red mark. She was getting off on this. She liked it rough. The harder I smacked her the harder I fucked her to louder she got until she came. She came so hard she spit my dick out of her pussy. The floor was soaked with her juice, her legs were trembling. She reached around and put my dick back into her pussy. fuck me is all I heard her say. Harder, beat my ass, I've been bad. I did I fucked her and fucked her. She was soaked, I was soaked, the floor was soaked from her juices. Her legs finally gave out and she turned around and got on her knees. Took me into her mouth and sucked me dry in a minute. She swallowed every drop. Looked up and smiled. She got dressed and gave me my check and left. Smiling that devilish grin. I heard her say to tell Lenny what he was missing. I knew there would be more.

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