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Monica Bellucci Sexy Article

How to Get a Sexy Girlfriend

How to Get a Sexy Girlfriend

After spending countless days fantasizing over the sexy girlfriend of your dreams, you decide it's finally time to approach her. You psyche yourself up, and can hardly wait to meet her. But now is the time to prepare. Do not rush.
Do your research first...
Find out how to attract her . You don't want to go in without a game plan. This could result in an awkward situation in the bar at best, and a black eye at worst if you've read some of the garbage circulating the web on this topic.
While it's quite a bold statement, spending a few minutes and reading this article could literally change your life in terms of your skills with women. It's one of the smartest investments you'll ever make.
If you're still with me, congratulations. You're now far ahead of 97% of your peers.
Before we dive into the content, I urge you to read this article fully, all the way to the end.
To help encourage you, I have a special "prize" at the end. Kinda like Cracker Jacks.
To get the most out of this article, skim through it to get a general gist of it, then come back and read it again. Bookmark this page, and refer to it in the future.
Enough foreplay, lets begin.
While it's certainly possible to meet a possible future sexy girlfriend during the day or else ware, the primary focus of this article will be how to get a sexy girlfriend from the bar or club; and take her home with you. All you gotta do then, is walk her to your bed.
In order to successfully take a woman from the bar to your bed, here are six (6) steps you should follow. They are:
* Open
* Attraction
* Rapport
* Venue Change
* Extraction
* Sex
Yes, yes, I hear you . "Give me a pickup line!" you say. Sorry no can do.
I can't simply tell you a magical line that will unlock the key to her heart and simultaneously spread her legs and lubricate her.
It doesn't exist. It never has, and it never will. Keep your distance from anyone who tells you otherwise. They just want your money.
Ironically enough, the opener is usually the one thing the "newbies" at this generally spend the most time learning. But if you really want to be able to attract the woman of your dreams, you must understand that the opener is the LEAST important part of the interaction.
The whole purpose of the opener is to start talking to her, usually with an introduction of sorts. "Hi, my name is-" works just as well as one of the many elaborate openers you may have heard of.
Infact, it'll probably work better as the "pickup" industry is quickly going mainstream.
Gimmicks such as opinion openers, basic questions, observations, cold reads, and random nonsense will work as well. I've covered these, and many other tidbits in our free newsletter which you can sign up for at the bottom of the page.
Lets move on.
An important thing you should do right off the bat is set a false time constraint. It doesn't need to be elaborate. "hey, real quick" works fine. The purpose of this is to make you come across as less threatening.
What you need to do next, is TALK.
Talk quite a bit. Initially, you'll have to talk about 90% of the time, while she talks for 10% of the time. This is a non-threatening way of letting her "sample the merchandise" before she becomes emotionally invested in the conversation.
There are many good ways to do this, such as:
* Speaking about multiple random topics
* Asking her random (funny) questions Attraction
Now that you've started to talk to her, you must let her become attracted to you.
"How do I 'let' her get attracted to me?" While it may seem like poor word choice, its not. You can't force a woman to do anything.
But you can guide her. ;-)
Some fun, quirky things you can do to raise attraction are:
* Teasing
* Cold reading
* Eye Contact
* Giving her a funny nickname
* Teaching her something( -- even better if it's something you're passionate about.
* Talking about multiple topics in quick succession -- may seem weird, but it works.
* Play games with her -- the more silly, the better.
* Misinterpreting what she says to be a sexual innuendo -- do NOT overuse this.
* Physical Escalation
I saved the most important factor for last: Physical Escalation. With girls, physical interaction is chemistry itself.
The best way to physically escalate is to take two steps forward then one step back.
Begin escalating physically at the very beginning, otherwise you'll seem very creepy if you try to do it later on.
Start off lightly, and ramp up the physicality as the night goes on.
If you want her to want you, you have to let her know that you want her too. Write that down.
The bottom line is: Escalate intelligently.
There is a limit to how physical you can get at a bar or club, but it does set the bar for further physical intimacy later on in your bedroom.
When you're starting to get better at this you can use my techniques on physical escalation which you can find in our newsletter.
At this point the girl of your dreams will be all into you. It is time to develop rapport, and create a connection between you two.
So far you've probably been talking for 90% of the time. Now you've got to slow it down to 50%, and let her contribute just as much as you are.
This will give you a chance to get a genuine connection with her.
One thing you must take note of, is that even though you are both contributing equally, you must control the direction of the conversation.
Cut off negative, political or religious topics and move to something else.
Simply put, the more you get to know each other, the more rapport you will have.
Venue Change
If you move a girl from place to place, it'll seem to her like she's spent more time with you and known you longer.
You can do this in the club or bar, by moving her to different areas of the club or bar. You can also take her somewhere else, like to a fast food place to eat etc.
The easiest way to do this is to start off small, like moving her from one part of the club to the other. Then you gradually work your way up to Taco Bell, then eventually your home.
If you plan on taking her someplace else to eat, mention it early. Wayyyyy before you actually want to go.
You can just say "I'm hungry.", and repeat it a couple of times later on. Then when you say, "I'm hungry, lets go to Denny's", she wont object.
One final thing in venue changing, is you must OVER sell wherever it is you're going. Make it seem much cooler than it actually is.
Another final thing (Ha ha, I mean it this time), is that it should be someplace you're com comfortable with and frequent regularly. If you know the staff, it's a major bonus.
Now there's only one step left . You gotta bring her home. This is a simple step if you've done everything else correctly.
Just mention something cool at your place that you'd like to show her. Here are just a few examples...
* Musical instrument -- if you can play it, a guitar works wonders
* Pet that can do cool tricks
* French wine collection
* Cool mixtape
* Art collection -- nothing boring please -- Preferably something you made.
Make sure it's not something you want to impress her with, like an expensive house or car.
Instead, show her something cool that expresses your unique personality.
Oversell what you want her to see at your place, but don't overdo it.
If you do all this right, she'll be at your place in no time.
There's only so far I can go with you. Once you have her in your house, It's all up to you.
If you enjoyed this post and you would like to stay up-to-date, make sure to check out my blog, which you can see further down.

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