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Bi-Sexual Studie

Bi-Sexual Studies

By stoneypoint - Jan 22, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 9227 “You Home?” the text had read.
“Yep. Just got here” the return text read.
“Come on over” Amy had read in the next text. “Mom is here. Will luv to see you” Sara’s follow up text read. She added a smiley face and Amy smiled. Amy liked Sara’s mom.
Five minutes later, Amy was out the front door of her parent’s were renting for the summer. Walking down the street, she knew she could get used to this, and as always she stepped up to the front door at Sara’s house and knocked three times. As usual she walked right in. And as always she’d go looking for Sara’s mom.
“Hi mom-m-m-m” Amy said.
“Well hiiiiiiii Am-e-e-e-e… How’s my favorite long haired brown haired beauty?”
Amy smiled and felt warm all over. She told Sara’s mom she was great and the two hugged a loving ferocious hug. Amy always loved hugging Sara’s mom. She’s a relatively well- endowed woman and knows how to make anyone feel special. Sara’s mom, a very attractive woman, could make anyone feel wanted and loved and needed took Amy in her arms and held her close. Too close in fact. Amy felt them both as they brushed closely against her face.
“Going up to study?” Sara’s mom asked. Amy said yes. “I’m so proud of you two. 4.2’s are nothing to take lightly…ever sweetheart…ever” and she hugged Amy again. It made her proud, very proud Amy could get Sara’s focus in line. Amy squeezed back taking it all in. Amy would love to see them in the flesh but simply liked how her body felt either way. Feeling her boobs touch her face was uplifting as ever. They were the nicest size. They happened to still be quite firm like pillows, only used too infrequently, she thought
She headed up the stairs and walked down the hall. Knocking she entered Sara’s room. She stopped. She looked. She looked surprised. Wow. Oh my gawd, she thought. Look at you, she told herself. Where did you get that at she wondered. Sara smiled. Sara was ready for her. “Hi” Sara said in a young sultry tone. Sara’s hair was long. It was thick. It was silky thick and ran gently, like a brook, down and passed her shoulders. They gazed upon each other. Amy, gawking at her friend, put down her book-bag, and Sara’s soft eyes twinkled back at her as the two stared at one another.
Tomorrow was Valentines Day. Tomorrow was the day Sara and Amy were supposed to have together. Plans had changed unfortunately, but Sara said she’d make it up to Amy. As Sara sat, seductively, on the bed wearing what she was wearing, the two could not take their eyes off one another. “You like?” Sara asked Amy. “I bought this especially for you, you should know. I did” she told Amy. It was a soft, almost gravely statement. Sara’s voice never defined her looks. She was everything and then some. Those eyes were killers. They could mesmerize anyone… anyone except maybe her mother. But her mother had those same seductive eyes- Alluring and sensuous.
“Well, four more months huh?” Sara said, still looking at her friend.
Still amazed at what Sara had on, Amy nodded and repeated what Sara said. Looking at Sara’s Babydoll with its heart shaped molded cups. Amy, like many guys would even become, became horny. She loved it. She loved how Sara looked in it. She wanted it. She wanted to be in Sara’s arms. She wanted to be on Sara. She wanted it all…everything…she had become very, very horny all of a sudden.
“Wow” Amy said to Sara. “Wow” she said again in a soft whispering tone.
Then it happened. All at once, it happened. Amy lunged for Sara. Sara, expecting or hoping for this, folded her arms around Amy as Amy came crashing into Sara. The two bodies collapsed against each other. Two young, long haired 20 year old girls engulfed one another’s lips and mouths. Hands felt one another’s bodies. Feeling the other’s passionate desires had been a must to each of these two young women each time this happened. Meshed, ardently, feverishly within the other’s grasp Amy was on top of Sara as she pulled and she pulled Sara towards her. They kissed and kissed and they kissed more as their tongues flailed madly inside one another’s mouths. Arms moved from this point to that point in rapid movements as both pulled and pressed for more and more. Grasping for an unknown love they were sure to find after discussing them they weren’t sure they were able to find anywhere in any guy they knew and this is what’s come about from their friendly little chat.
Now together and before any studying would begin, sex had to be their appetizer. Before any books were to be cracked open, both of them, both their bodies, and both their vagina's had… just had to… participate in zealous displays of pure naked, physical love and lust. Lately this was a must. These days for these partners of lust and desire it felt right and no one else ever could replace what their hearts and bodies were feeling that afternoon. Neither Amy nor Sara could ever get enough of one another’s needs or the longings exhibiting their personal yearnings which fulfilled their overwhelming mounting emotions which began months ago. Two young ladies needed gentle, tender love to fulfill their dreams their bodies’ needs. Hence kissing and touching each other everywhere while their lips, tongues, hands, and fingers maintained the rest of the detail brought these two women everything pleasurable.
Amy, on top of her friends, exotic looking outfit, sat up. Staring but smiling down at Sara, she removed her top. Wearing a simple flowery bra, she removed it. Her young budding boobs remained in position. Youth… Pert tits… Small wondrous tits to a trained and adoring male’s eyes, even Sara appreciated Amy’s tits. Amy looked down. She looked at her titties. She always liked her smallish boobs. She looked at and smiled at Sara. Sara smiled back.
“Do you like this?” Sara asked referring to her Babydoll.
Amy nodded. “Yep… It’s…sexy girlfriend. Where’d you get it at?”
Sara told her where. Sara told Amy she knew Amy would get horny. “When I saw it, I went crazy. Everyone giggled when I held it up to look at it. I felt…it felt awesome in my hands Amy. And when I tried it on…ooooooohh yeahhh…I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. I knew you’d love this too. I wish we both went shopping and saw this one, but with Valentine’s Day coming…well…I had to have it.” Sara shrugged. “I had to” Sara added silently.
Amy looked at it. Amy looked at how Sara looked in it. She looked every bit the vixen she could have been that afternoon and then some. Amy leaned forward and she leaned towards Sara’s chest and boobs especially. Kissing just above her tits, her chin pushed downward, pushing down the cups of the Babydoll. Amy wasn’t wasting any time. She had one thing and only one thing on her mind. Amy was going for Sara’s young busty boobs. Sara looked hot in the Babydoll and it made all of Sara’s body attractive to Amy.
Slowly she pulled it down. Easing her way downward, Amy kissed her body, snuggling against it as she went. Sara, with her head tipped back, eased in to her role as a grateful recipient of one girl on another. “Uhhh ooooooohh” Amy heard Sara utter. “Mmmmm ahhhh…ohhh god Amy……god…yes!” Sara tried to say quietly. Amy was all over any bare area. Amy kissed and tenderized Sara’s bare flesh that was exposed. Sara wanted more so Sara began undoing her Babydoll…all of it. Sara began to remove it. Sliding it down off her silky body and around her young but ambitious curves, Sara quietly begged for more of Amy’s kissing of her body. Sara cooed and ahhhh’d and oooh’d as Amy moved about her satiny flesh. “Oh my god Ames” Sara said, “I love this! I love this! Kiss me…kiss me more and more and…and OHHHH” she said to loud.
Sara’s mom overheard something. She couldn’t quite make it out. She went back to her business, whatever that was, and ignored the outburst upstairs. “Girls will be girls” she said. “I should know…I am one still.” She smiled and thought back to her younger years.
Amy undressed. Com completely. Both now entirely naked, Sara flipped her friend over. Sara leaned in and kissed Amy hard. Very hard. Passionately hard. Both were into one another as usual. This was no longer about proving girls do girls. This was about mutual appeal and desire and more, lots more. Lust. Desire.
Sara went for it. She eased on down Amy’s body. Curling on down, her lips graced across Amy’s boobs and tummy. She spread Amy’s legs. Easing them apart, she looked into Amy’s eyes. Amy, in suspense of what was to come, breathed in. She breathed in a deep breath of air and felt Sara’s lips enter her pussy.
“OHHH” she said much too loud.
“Hmmm, I wonder what’s going on up there… Doesn’t sound like studying” Sara’s mom said. “Nooo, they’re big girls… they can figure it all out on their own” she said to nobody.
More quietly, Amy called out again. “Ohhhhhh god yes…yes Sara yes!” Her body, her sweet young shapely ass rose off the bed. Sara’s hands curled around the shapely young cheeks and brought Amy into her mouth and tongue. “Ohhh god yes…yes…yes” Amy cried out quietly. Sara’s tongue dug and it dug some more. Twisting and twirling it connected with her swelling walls, arousing Amy almost too much. This was to be Sara’s Valentine’s Day present to her best friend in the world. Amy, feeling Sara’s oral exploits within her horny swollen cunt pulled at the bed sheets as she continued rising, and dropping, to the mattress. “God, ohhh…ohhh god… ohhh god yes…yes” she kept saying in a contained tone of voice. But by looking at her face, she was ready…ready to explode and ready to rupture from here to Eden. Amy’s thighs collapsed against Sara’s cheeks and head. Maintaining some semblance of control in her emotions while Sara proceeded to go down on her friend’s pussy, Amy’s body continued rising. Amy grabbed at bed sheets, pulling them un-tucked, but did either care? No, neither of them cared. This was Sara’s gift to her dear friend Amy.
Give her oral and do it right.
She was doing it right. Amy exploded. “OHHH GOD YES!” she called out as she orgasmed. Amy came and she came. “Fuck yes. YES…YES…OHHH EEEHH OOOHH EEEHH YES SARA YES!”
She looked towards the ceiling. “Ohhh no” she said dreadfully. Then she smiled. “Too lucky” she said aloud. She knew. Should she walk upstairs? Should she walk in on her two precious girls? Should she, she asked herself. She smiled, finally. She’d go up, once they were dressed. Once they were done. She’d let them know she knew. But she would never say so. No, she wouldn’t do that. They’d figure it out once she let them know, she figured. “Wow… I had no idea…none.”
Sara kind of wishing Amy would do her back would wait for another day. Doing Amy was well worth it she figured. Besides, there was studying to be done, and she didn’t mind doing what she’d just done. She loved that aftertaste. She loved the fresh orgasmic juices she retained from Amy’s pussy in her mouth. Talk about orgasms. Mmmmm, pussy juice after a girl has one…mmmmm…ooooooohh…yeah.
“I love you” Sara said to Amy.
“I love you too” Amy replied. “Thank you” she added. “I guess I owe you, huh?”
“Yep, but I can wait.”
The two turned towards one another. They looked into one another’s eyes. Both naked, they hugged. Flesh to flesh, boobs against boobs, and bodies against bodies Amy leaned in and kissed her dear friend passionately.
Then she held her naked body against hers. Neither did anything else until they decided it was time to get studying. “You girls alright in there” both heard from the other side of the door. “Behaving yourselves right girls?”
Her mom probably knew, Sara thought.
“May I come in?”
Sara looked at Amy and put a finger to her lips, hushing Amy. Amy knew better anyway.
“Uhhh no mom…uhhh no” Sara replied.
Yep…figured as much, Sara’s mom thought. She shrugged and walked away. Amy and Sara dressed quickly. It was time to study.

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